Mirror Mirror: Tell Me Who I Am

"It touches a rare theme, one that is obviously not written with an eye on big money. It actually expresses a deep-felt need to share one's experiences and the resulting thoughts on what life is about after all."

Paul Mathew
The Gulf Today, UAE

"Mirror Mirror, an outstanding book about how to interpret and create your life experiences… a map and directions on how to connect thoughts and feelings to our creation of reality… a book that can be read, and re-read, gaining new insights every time."

Dr Joseph Piazza, BPE, DC
Chiropractor, NSA Practitioner

"It is one of those rare books that has so much intense information and yet is so easy and pleasurable to read. This book is a breath of fresh air! It helps one to understand oneself on a truly deeper level, and yet it is done with the simplicity of a fictional story."

Brenda Hoffman - Business owner

Diffusion CD Also available

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